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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 08:39pm on 14/04/2009
Does anyone have a Dreamwidth account to give away? I keep seeing them on my flist and I'm always an instant too late.

EDIT: Got one! Thank you, droneish!
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 12:42pm on 10/04/2009

I just ordered a green White House Easter Egg! Can't really say why. :D Sprrrrrrinnnnng!

And now I'm off to the gym. Have a wonderful weekend, all.
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Yes, this is science geek.

I think I'll just follow with some comics art. *blush*
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Bottle Shock


Alan Rickman and the Napa Valley. As a Californian I may be biased, but I dug it. Kinda homesick now.

It's on Netflix, check it out.
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 11:49am on 24/03/2009

Thai 'Spider-Man' to the rescue

An unusual disguise has helped a Bangkok fireman rescue an eight-year-old boy who had climbed on to a third-floor window ledge, Thai police say.

The firefighter dressed up as the comic book superhero Spider-Man in order to coax the boy, who is autistic, from his dangerous perch.

Police said teachers had alerted the fire station after the boy began crying and climbed out of a classroom window.

It was reportedly his first day at the special needs school.

Efforts by the teachers to convince the pupil back inside had failed.

But a remark by his mother about his passion for comic superheroes prompted fireman Somchai Yoosabai to rush back to the station, where he kept a Spider-Man costume in his locker.

The sight of Mr Yoosabai dressed as Spider-Man and holding a glass of juice for him, brought a big smile to the boy's face, and he promptly threw himself into the arms of his "superhero", police said.

Mr Yoosabai normally uses the costume to liven up fire drills in schools.

I must say, that's a lot of my personal feel-good stuff folded into one story.
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 03:08pm on 13/03/2009
Unnnnngh. This job will be done by tomorrow, but I can't do anymore today. I'm finishing the last three pages, two of them shoved to the bottom of the pile because of extensive and tiresome background work. One is set in an ancient Egyptian library and village... that's done, actually. Another is set in the bleeping Library of Congress and it's a two page spread. The last is just a page crammed with a lot of people doing a lot of stuff on multiple planes -- I can't face it today.

Maybe I'll just go see Watchmen finally. I was putting it off as my end-of-project-treat, but maybe I need it as my end-of-project last-effort rejuvenator. Or I could be virtuous and scan the pages that are already done? Oh God DO NOT WANT. I have cabin fever, I really do.

For grebo, from ontd_science, what I like to think of at Tony Stark's seventh grade extra credit project, revived by a rare Malibu lightning bolt and stuggling to find a place in the modern world (and prone to self doubt -- look at those last frames):

Is this as cute as monkeys flossing? Not to me, but then I'm a sap for animals. )


Craaaaaaamerrr! You short selling flossmonkey!

Hm, I may be weary.
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Jon Stewart is beating the hell out of that Mad Money Cramer guy on The Daily Show.

*fascinated and uncomfortable*
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That's flat. It's confirmed.

I used to be something of a fist at cooking, really. I learned to cook in the monastery and for several years after, I could make good food. Lately, however, I'm an utter failure. Nothing's going right.

Chicken stew: how hard is that? I googled a recipe and followed it. What I have is a massive fuckton of chicken soup. It's not stew.

ION, I cancelled my Friday therapy appt so I can finish this job. It involves mummies, and the ref provided was scant and blurry, and my googling raised nothing better, so I asked astrid_v (who did an Egyptian book recently) if she had any sources.

She responded with about a gig of fabulous ref that got me all enthused. :D I spent thrice as much time on that Egyptian segment, just because it was actually fun. :D Thank you so much, Astrid! It looks pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself. Looking forward to seeing you at SDCC.

Anybody else going to San Diego this year?

It's freezing, so I'm using my obscure Tropic Thunder icon. Bless.
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It's an ordeal if you're self employed, so let me have it:


*climax blues*
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I'm about to start my taxes, but I shrink from the onerous task so I'm making an LJ post first.

Today I submitted an application to an art foundation here for a workspace grant. I did it! I don't know why I've always had a hangup about showing my personal work, but I have, and this is the first time I've sought an exhibit or whatever.

The application deadline was today, and I started doing the form and burning a CD of paintings at 10. Good God, that was fun. They wanted a CV, too. And then I realized that they wanted dimensions on all the originals, so I was running around my house with a ruler at 12pm.

The post office closes at 1pm on Saturdays, see.

So, I get all that printed and address an envelope and it's 12:05, and my car has a foot of snow on it, so I'm thrashing around trying to clear it off/make it driveable. Bless my neighbor who plowed the alley, or I'd never have got out. I left an envelope with some cash at his house later.

So I make it onto a real road, which isn't plowed but has seen enough traffic to be tamped down. I'm slithering, but I reach the main drag, hit every traffic light, and zoom into the post office parking lot -- and the damned place is closed. They close at twelve at my podunk neighborhood PO, see. Unlike every other PO in the nation. WTH. There's a mailcarrier-looking guy in the lot and I bleat, did I miss it? Are there any others? And he tells me the PO at Ames is open until 1pm. You can make it! he tells me. Go fast!

So I peel out, heading for Ames Ave. Ames is across town and it's all very Mr Toad's Wild Ride after last night's snow, even on the large streets. I don't have any clear idea where Ames is, but I follow my nose. I find the intersection but have to ask a gas station attendant where the PO is because it's on a side street and hidden.

Anyway I find it and fling myself into the place with about ten minutes to spare. My app is off to the Bemis Foundation, yay. That's one Rubicon crossed.

(At the PO I discovered that I'd left my wallet at home, which had my license -- and woe unto me if I got into a fenderbender without it, so the return leg was a lot slower, heh.)

And then I shoveled off my walks and my arms got all trembly from strain, so now instead of penciling I will do my *sigh* taxes.

It'll take my mind off the scans_daily unpleasantness, at least. *fistshake*

Edit: OH CRAP JURY DUTY. *groan*


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