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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 08:00pm on 19/01/2011
Things are a bit better. Although it's -11 f outside and it's sinking in that my first nursing class will convene at 8 am in the morning. :)

But that's nothing -- the last week of the course we'll be starting at 6:30 am. OH DEAR LORD

But here's a nice thing that happened Sunday. I was coming back to my car from a group snowshoeing thing and it was COLD. I dumped all by gear into the trunk, and just as it shut, I spied my car keys amongst my stuff. And of course I'd forgotten my cell phone at home.

I walked over to a service station and saw a public utilities truck outside. The driver was just returning with a cup of joe, and I hailed him, hoping -- feebly -- that he might have something to jig my car.

He did not. But you know what he did do? He called his boss, then gave me a lift to my house, waited while I grabbed a spare key, and returned me to my car. :D

Did I mention how cold it was that morning? How little I could afford to call a tow? That guy (his name was Todd) saved me a world of grief. He was just being nice. Super, super Midwestern Nice -- I snicker about Midwestern Nice but by gad it was welcome that day.

I got his name and his permission to write a letter to OPPD praising him. Just put the stamp on it. :)
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I just found out about this comm from my bouldering ball Astrid.

I'm a newbie:


Cyn Martin
location: USA
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 10:34pm on 28/07/2009
Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone.


A whale of a pic post follows. San Diego? Sea World? Get it? *snicker*

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See you next year, everybody.
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 11:38am on 17/06/2009

Timeline and History of Protests in Iran

If anyone is still looking to make a 'why you should be paying attention' post to try and really show what's going on there - on the ground, and happening to real people - [profile] copinggoggles has made a few chronological caps of some of NextRevolution's tweets, with names redacted.

i am holding her little dress )

Another noteworthy stream of tweets from today:

# far as eye can see people in every corner people everywhere...revolution is close to end...ghandi would be proud #*****

# i can not count the numbers to big #*****

# when all these troubles behind us i will get my camera back and go to the park with my daughter

# i will bring my brother and girl friend and we will say mullahs are so old their ideas are not modern and we will laugh and be free

# homosexuals will not die woman will not be stone to death we will be friends with world

Flickr photstream of protest photos -- some are graphic and NSFW.

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I'm really sick of the debate on whether Mousavi is any different from Ahmadinejad, and I'm kind of peeved at Obama for bringing it up, because now cable news is all over this meme.

It's not about Mousavi. It's about the people's right to have their vote counted. And as the protests went on, it's about the brutality against those who dare speak out and stifling of voices.
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 09:59pm on 06/05/2009
Here's some Age of Sail artwork I did under the cut for Age_of_Sail. :)

(Just figuring out cuts and all. :)

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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 05:54pm on 06/05/2009
I'm sick again. I simply can't believe this. BUT!

Maine and New Hampshire passed resolutions for marriage equality today!

So, what the hell. Still a good day even if I did nothing but creep around aching from head to toe.

(Oh wait: I got an email offering me two books, with scripts arriving in a couple of weeks. Also good! :)

Yay Marriage Equality Yay


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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 01:43pm on 30/04/2009
Some birds have a remarkable talent for dancing, two studies published in Current Biology suggest.

Footage revealed that some parrots have a near-perfect sense of rhythm; swaying their bodies, bobbing their heads and tapping their feet in time to a beat.

Previously, it was thought that only humans had the ability to groove. )



Darn, I wish the video embed would work, it's the whole point. Dancing Cockatoo!
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 08:41pm on 23/04/2009

There's nothing like living in the Midwest to make you appreciate spring. Now I understand the impulse of the populace to wear shorts the instant the sun shines. It beats the hell out of suiting up like you have to leave a science station at the bottom of the world, you know? Oh, god! less clothing! I'm into it now.

I've been thrashing about like a serf in my front yard. My neighbor Max hates this ritual too -- a treasured break from the Midwestern habit of greating everything, even tornados and blizzards -- with a stoic smile. We both hate yardwork. Our shared misery makes us stronger. Our labors have coincided in the last few days, and we pause occasionaly to pant and sweat and spit the crap out of our mouths and curse the neccessity of yardwork. I like Max.

The weather is so beautiful that yesterday, after hours of yardwork, I went to the gym. By god I did! (For my ill-advised heroism I got such a sore elbow I could hardly sleep. Note to self: No Heroics).

Today I delivered my yearly talk to the 4th grade class at the local elementary school, and they were darlings as always. One of the kids is perhaps a genius. She drew an on-the-fly sketch of me as I was talking, and her notebook is filled with art. She can't not draw. Excellent.

I wrote a fanfic for Henry Hellrung http://community.livejournal.com/henryhellrung/2001.html
and took a nap. And I made a deal. I got some things done today. I LOVE SPRING

EDIT: I cooked something the other day that didn't fail. SPRING IFLU

EDIT2: Damn you Deadliest Catch!

EDIT THE 3RD: Btw, since I started working out again my legs are kickass. YEAH! Some real evidence of the boredom and pain of working out. IFLU SPRING
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posted by [personal profile] jwaneeta at 07:37pm on 19/04/2009
Sonuvabitch. I was just watching Animal Planet and they had a sequence about bats: bats never attack people, bats eat bad insects, etc. All of which I agree with. I like bats.

For some reason, bats like me, too. Since I've lived here, in my rental and my house, I've called animal rescue several times to get a bat out and taken to the bat cave at the zoo. The bats here are very cute, btw -- they look like little pug dogs with wings.

Anyway, when my cat Harry got sick, me and the vets went nearly crazy trying to figure out the origin of his illness, cryptococcus. Harry was an indoor cat, see, and his exposure was a maddening question mark. I told the vets about the day I found a little bat head and part of a wing, but they didn't think it was related at all.

But on AP just now they mentioned that even non vampiric bats carry dangerous fungal infections, and mentioned cryptococcus.

Oh, Harry. You brought down a flying bat, and the bat killed you in turn. My poor crazy boy.

I miss you.
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Well, yay, here I am. Now to figure out where everybody is...


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